Popular Uses for Brushes

Brushes can be used in many ways to enhance a photo or fix small mistakes during shooting. Here are some popular ways to use brushes:

Black and White Effect

Mylio Desktop Brushes Black and White

  1. Use a brush to select everything that you do not want in color.
  2. Set saturation to 0.
  3. For enhancing the color on the non-black and white part, use a separate layer to select the colored object.
  4. Slightly increase vibrancy and saturation until desired results.

Color and Vibrance Correction

Mylio Desktop Brushed Saturation

  1. Use the brush to highlight the area you want to increase the color for.
  2. Increase the vibrancy, saturation appropriately until desired results are achieved.
  3. Lower or raise the exposure as needed.

Exposure Adjustment


Mylio Desktop Brushes Exposure


  1. Use the brush to highlight the area that is over or underexposed.
  2. Increase or decrease the exposure as needed.
  3. Adjust the clarity and contrast as needed to fill in any loss details.
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