The Quick Actions Bar


Mylio’s Quick Actions Bar gives you one-click or one-tap access to tools that you may need to access often. The Quick Action Bar can be seen at the right side of Mylio when the Details panel is closed and split between the top and bottom of the Details panel when opened.


The Quick Actions Bar list of actions will change depending on what you have selected. Here are some of the actions you’ll be able to find in the Quick Actions Bar.


  1. Toggle Details Panel – this button will open or close the Details panel
  2. Rating – Opens the Rating┬ábar for quick access to tagging, labeling, flagging, or pinning your selection
  3. Share – Share the selected image or set of images via email, social media, or even directly to your computer’s file system. Sharing on a mac computer also has Airdrop and iMessage options.
  4. Rotate – Rotates the selected media 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
  5. Face Tagging – Turns on face tagging for the opened folder, album, or container. Learn more about face tagging in Mylio here.
  6. Delete – Delete the selection from Mylio and from your device.
  7. Add New – Add a new album, event, folder, or person with a single tap.
  8. Mylio Clipboard – Opens and closes the Mylio Clipboard to allow for the easy moving of media.
  9. Preview Size – This slider allows you to change the size of the images on the grid or while viewing a single image.
  10. Actions Menu – Display additional actions that can be taken. Learn more about the Actions menu here.
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