Mylio Quick Start Guide



Welcome to Mylio, the home for your photos, videos, and documents. This guide will help you set up Mylio, add files, and protect them.


Download and Sign In on a Computer

We recommend starting on a computer, to do this visit to download Mylio. Open the installer and follow the prompts to install the application (click here for help installing). After installing, enter an email and password to create an account, then verify your email. Alternatively, you opt out of entering any email or password and sign in with a preferred third-party below.

Designate a Mylio Library Folder 

Once signed in, you will be asked to establish a Mylio library folder. This is where your folder organization for Mylio starts and will serve as the location to access your photos outside of the Mylio application. After learning a bit about Mylio library folders, you are presented with three options:

  • Select an existing folder to be the library folder – Mylio will let you select a folder in your filesystem to be the library folder.
  • Create a new folder on this computer – Mylio will create a new library folder inside your computer’s User folder, the default location, or in a location of your choosing.
  • Setup on a different computer – If most of your media is on another machine then this option will prompt you to download and install Mylio on another computer to get started. Even if another computer has most of your media, can still select one of the other two options to get started and import most of your media on the second computer later.

Take the Welcome Tour 

At the end of the Setup Wizard, select the option to “Take the tour”. If you already finished the Setup Wizard, you can relaunch the tour by going to the Dashboard, selecting “Getting started”, and then selecting “Take the tour”. After taking the tour, following the other recommended actions are a great way to continue learning more about Mylio and setting up your library.

Add a Vault

Protecting your memories is an integral part of Mylio. To protect your files, your Originals need to be stored on at least one device. This device should have a significant amount of storage space. External drives, NAS devices, and online services like Amazon, OneDrive, or Google Drive all make good protection devices. 

You can add a Vault through the Mylio Dashboard and select the “+Add” button from the Actions or Devices sections.

Sign In to Mylio on Your Mobile Device

Mylio is engineered to connect multiple devices. When you add Mylio on your phone and tablet, you’ll be able to manage your library conveniently from those devices. The photos you take on those devices can also be automatically added to Mylio. 

To get Mylio on your mobile device, download Mylio from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Sign in with the same email and password (or third-party method) you used on your computer and follow the prompts of the setup wizard. Mylio will sync optimized versions of your files on mobile so you don’t run out of space.


That’s not all!

Congratulations on getting started! So far we have established a Mylio library folder on a computer, added some media,  added a Vault, and signed in on a mobile device. There is so much more to do and learn from Mylio. Feel free to check out our pre-recorded webinars here or signup to attend one live!

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