Remove vs. Delete

Mylio is a powerful tool that gives you direct control over your file system. Because of this, it is important to know the difference between removing a folder from your Mylio library and deleting it (or the media inside).


Removing a folder in Mylio will remove the images from your Mylio Library. This means that the folder will no longer be displayed in Mylio and no longer be available to sync between your devices.

When removing a folder from Mylio, you will need to select and remove the top-level folder of your import. For example, if you import a folder called “Animals” and includes 3 folders, “Zebras”, “Cats”, and “Elephants”, you are not able to remove the “Cats” folder as it is part of the “Animals” folder. Instead, you would need to remove the full “Animals” folder.

Removing a folder from Mylio is easy:

  1. Open Mylio and select the top-level folder that you would like to remove.
  2. Select the folder and right-click on it (Control+click on Mac).
  3. Select Remove folder from Catalog.
  4. Mylio will automatically remove the folder from all the library but the folder will stay in the filesystem of the computer. 


Deleting a file or folder with Mylio will completely delete them from your computer and all other devices on the account. They will no longer be displayed in Mylio and will be sent to the trash on your computer (or instantly deleted on iOS and Android).

If you’ve added this folder as a Source Folders, Mylio will be deleting the original image from its referenced location.

To delete a file or folder:

  1. Open Mylio and select the file or folder you would like to delete.
  2. Press the Delete key on the keyboard or select the trash can in the Quick Actions Bar.
  3. Select Delete from ALL devices.

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