Store Mylio on an SD Card on Android Devices

  Warning:  storing Thumbnails only on an Android Device’s SD card may require unexpected storage requirements. Click here for more information.
  Note:  when choosing an SD card for Mylio, it is highly recommended that you utilize a Class 10 U3 SD card.

Mylio for Android allows you to store your full Mylio application and library on an SD card, giving you the freedom to carry all of your memories around with you wherever you go. Currently, this feature can only be accessed after turning on the sync panel.

  1. Open Mylio on your Android device that has an SD card inserted.
  2. Open the View menu (three vertical dots) in the top-right and select the Sync panel option to open it.
  3. Select the phone icon next to your Android device’s name to open the Device Settings.
  4. Select Launch Storage Manager.
  5. Mylio will close and launch the Storage Mover. Mylio may ask you to quit and relaunch the app instead of closing on its own.
  6. Select Change to alter the storage location from the internal storage to the secondary storage.
  7. Select SECONDARY, then CHOOSE at the bottom.
  8. Storage Manager will alert you to the change you are making.
  9. Select Move to confirm the change.

  Warning:  moving Mylio to external storage requires that the external storage be available at all times.

  Note:  Mylio performance may be affected depending on the external storage used

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