The Search Bar – Advanced

The following article explains advanced  Search bar behavior and assumes you have already familiarized yourself with Mylio’s basic Search functionality. If you have not yet, please read our Search bar introduction article linked here before proceeding.

Search expressions

Understanding Search expressions

When you enter a word into the Mylio Search bar it is considered an expression. A Mylio search expression can be formed in a few different ways:

  1. ( expression ) – parentheses are used for grouping combinations of expressions
  2. expression expression – Two expressions specified after one another implies an AND
  3. expression AND expression  –  can also be input as: && and &
  4. expression OR expression   – can also be input as: || and |
  5. expression IN expression   
  6. NOT expression –  can also be input as:
  7. term-or-value

AND, OR, IN, and NOT expressions are explained in our Search bar introduction article. 

The order that you place expressions matters the precedence they are interpreted by is the 1 to 7 order as specified above. 


Term-or-value expressions explained

A term-or-value expression allows you to narrow your search to a specific type. “Term” refers to the type of item you’re looking for, while “Value” refers to the specific name of the item you want to be returned.

Example 1:


In this example, “album” is the term and “Animals” is the value, so Mylio would display albums with the name “Animals”.

Example 2:


In this example, “NOT make” is the term (- is short for NOT as noted above) and “Canon” is the value, Mylio will return all photos in the library that are not taken by a Canon camera.


Special punctuation can be used to even further customize your searches. Mylio allows for 5 types of quotes in strings:

  1. ” 
  2. “ 
  3. ” 
  4. ‟ 

Single-word strings do not need quotes but if a string is more than one word it does need a quote. Let’s say we have a caption on a photo that is:

The “quick” brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Here are some string searches that can be performed for the captioned image:

  1. caption:fox Will search the whole word “fox”. It will not match foxtrot, outfox, or outfoxed.
  2. caption:=’The “quick” brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ Will search the entire caption exactly including case capitalization. Using single quotes around this string allows for the double quotes in the caption to be included.
  3. caption:”The quick*” Adding the at the end of the string searches captions that start with “The quick”. 
  4. caption:”*lazy dog” Adding the at the start of the string searches captions that end with lazy dog.
  5. caption:*row* Adding ** around a word will search the letters r,o, and w in that order. This would include partial spellings, so the word “brown” would be included.
  6. caption:*ju?ps* Matches captions that contain a word that starts with ju and any single letter followed by ps. So jumps is a possible search result.

Explicit Search Terms

The following terms are available, and their preferred data type is listed. Please note that the chart below may not be fully visible on mobile and your device may need to be rotated to landscape to display it.

  • Booleans can be entered as True/False/On/Off etc.
  • Dates can be entered as MM/DD/YYYY
  • The plural is also allowed for all the terms below (albums instead of album/person instead of people etc.)
album: textWill find text in Album names
author: textWill find text in creator IPTC field
cameras: textWill find text in the camera field same as searching with model:
caption: textWill find text in Caption fields
categories: textWill find text for assigned categories
color: textWill find files with specified color labels
copyright: textWill find text in copyright IPTC field
date: dateWill search the date field in the Info tab
edited: booleanWill find edited or unedited images
ext:file extensionWill find files with the given extension (jpg, png, arw)
facecount: numberWill find photos with the specified number of faces detected
file: textWill find text in the filename field
flag: booleanWill find flagged or unflagged photos
flash: booleanWill find images with flash turned on/off in the Info tab
folder: textWill find text for folder names
gpstagged: booleanWill find files with/without location data
importdate: dateWill find dates from the Import date field
iso: decimal numberWill find the specified ISO from the Info tab
keyword: textWill find text in the Keyword field
label: textWill find text in the label field
lens: textWill find text in the lens field
lostoriginals: booleanWill show lost originals in the catalog
make: textWill find text in the make or camera manufacturer field
model: textWill find text in the camera field same as searching with camera:
ocr: textThis will do only an optical character recognition search
orphan: booleanThis will find photos in the catalog that do not have an assigned folder
people: textWill search text for People's names
peoplecount: numberWill find photos with the specified number of people tagged
place: textWill find text in the places field
rating: numberWill find files with the specified star rating (1-5)
text: textThis is to search for text in any filename/caption/title/keyword/ocr
title: textWill search for text in the Title field
unprotected: booleanWill find files that still need to sync to other devices
unsupported: booleanWill find file that Mylio does not support
video: booleanWill find only videos


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