The Search Bar

Searching for just about anything is easy in Mylio. You can do so using Mylio’s Search bar. The Search bar is a generic search on your entire library. All metadata and Mylio specific data will be searched. You can use search modifiers to search more directly for a specific piece of information.

The Search Menu

Opening the Search menu allows you to strategically search for certain aspects of photos. Open the Search menu by clicking the small arrow at the right side of the search bar.

The four icons at the top of the Search menu take you between Pinned searches, Rating searches, People searches, and Map searches. These allow you to toggle between different search types and easily narrow down your desired search.

The Keywords search field will search the keyword field of any photo. Select the disclosure triangle to the right of the keyword field to display a list of all keywords within your Mylio database.

Ratings allow you to narrow down your search by rating, label, or flag.

Finally, you can select “Show All” to view all files organized by Images, Videos, and Documents.

Viewing Search Results

Search results done from all views other than Calendar will show Media (seperating Photos, Videos, and Documents), Folders, Albums, People, and Locations. Use the row under “Search Results” to change your views.



When in Folder view, you can select the magnifying glass in the corner of each folder displayed to get the Quick View of its contents.

Searching in Calendar View

When in Calendar view, simply typing a word in the search bar will search for events. Mylio will display any event that contains the word searched for in a list on the right making it even easier to find your memories.

Search Modifiers

Finding the right photo in a large library can be time-consuming. Mylio can help you locate the photo you’re looking for by narrowing down the results shown when searching for a photo!

This can be accomplished by adding information that you know about the photo into the Search bar in Mylio. When making your search type in a search term, colon, and then your keyword. They can even be combined to really narrow down your search.


make:Nikon iso:200

This will show all photos shot with a Nikon camera with the ISO of 200.

Search terms include:

  • caption – References the caption field, which is editable in the info panel.
  • copyright – References the copyright field, which is editable in the info panel.
  • date – Can be searched for without the ‘date’ prefix with month/day/year format. Example: 01/18/2016 or 1/18/16
  • file – References the file name, which is editable in the info panel.
  • flag – Use “on/off” to show photos that have been flagged in the rating bar. 
  • flash – Use “yes/no” or “true/false” to show photos that did or did not set off flash when taken.
  • folder – Limits searches to a particular folder. Example: folder:Best Friend’s Wedding, folder:Fourth of July
  • importdateThe date in which the file was imported into Mylio.
  • iso – Find photos taken with a specific ISO. Example: iso:100
  • keyword – Searches for specific keywords that have been added to your photos.
  • label – References the label of the picture, which is editable in the rating bar. Example: label:red, label:yellow, label:green, label:blue, label:purple
  • lens – Example: lens:80.0-200.0
  • place – Searches Mylio’s places data to search for photos taken at a specific place, which is editable in the Places Panel.
  • make – Find photos taken with a specific camera make. Example: make:canon, make:Nikon, make:Apple
  • model – Find photos taken with a specific camera model. Example: model:6D, model:D5300, model:iPhone 5S
  • people – Searches Mylio’s people data to search for photos taken of a specific person, which is editable in the people panel.
  • rating – References the rating of the picture, which is editable in the rating bar. Example: rating:3
  • source – Finds photos that were imported from a specific source. Example: source:iPhoto, source:”Camera Roll”, source:Facebook
  • title – References the title field, which is editable in the info panel.


Using Multiple Search Terms

In some scenarios, you may want to combine search terms to better find a specific photo or set of photos. This can be done by either combining elements of a single search modifier or combining two search modifiers with a single space between them. Additionally, you can use quotes to tell Mylio that your search term is a phrase, meaning it has multiple words or punctuation.

Example of Single Modifier with Multiple Variables:


This search will show all photos with the rating of 1, 2, or 3 stars.

Example of Multiple Modifiers:

make:Nikon folder:Whales

This search will return all photos shot with a Nikon camera found in the folder called Whales.

Example of Multiple Modifiers with a Phrase: 

make:Nikon folder:”Best Photos” keyword:”stars at night”

This search will return photos taken with a Nikon camera, found in the Best Photos folder, with the keywords “stars at night”.

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