Setting Custom Device Sync Policies

Mylio’s Custom Sync Policies (also referred to as Selective Sync) allow you to take control over your Mylio Library and specify which version of your photos sync to your devices. This option allows you to set specific folders to have different Sync Policies than your device overall. It even allows you to change the Sync Policy of specific folders for local or remote devices.

Custom Sync Policies can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, you can set all media rated 5-stars to sync Original photos or photos with specific keywords to sync at a higher or lower quality than other photos.

With Mylio, you can take your entire photo library with you. Custom Sync settings are not designed to limit which photos are syncing to your device, only what quality of the photo is syncing.

  Note:  To allow proper performance, any Mylio device must maintain at least the thumbnail for each file in your library. There is not currently an option to exclude thumbnails from a Mylio device

Turning on a Custom Device Sync Policy

Here’s how to turn on Custom Device Sync Policies:

  • Open the Dashboard and locate the Devices section.
  • Select the device you’re currently using.

  • Select Device Quality and set it to Thumbnails or Auto-optimized (devices that keep all Originals can not have custom policies).
  • Select “Advanced Settings”, then “Customize”.
  • Select what criteria for Previews and Originals you would like synced to your device.
  • You can opt to Sync all Previews and/or Originals or specify Ratings, Labels, or Keywords. For more information on the difference between Thumbnails, Previews, and Originals see this article.
  • Be sure to select the blue “Apply Changes” button at the bottom to see them reflected on your device.


  • When viewing the Sync Policy settings for the device you’re currently using, you have additional options to turn on Tap to Sync and the Sync Panel. If you find either of these features intrusive, you can toggle them off while still maintaining the custom sync settings. You cannot toggle these settings when viewing the Sync Policy settings for a remote device.
  • If you have a tap to sync folder policy overriding the device sync policy it will say so at the bottom of this panel and you can reset folder policies with the red “Reset Device Quality” button.

If you have downgraded a file or folder’s Sync Policy, you will need to clear Mylio’s cache before space is recovered by your device. More information on clearing cache can be found here.


Using Tap to Sync

Using Tap to Sync

With a Custom Sync Policy, Mylio allows you to easily adjust the Sync Policy folders locally for the device you are using.

  • If the Tap to Sync setting is turned on, each folder in grid view will have a small T/P/O/* icon at the top right.
  • Tap or click this icon to set that folder’s Sync Policy to Thumbnail, Preview, or Original.

  • If there is a * in the Tap to Sync icon it indicates that the folder has a Custom Policy.
  • If you want to adjust the Sync Policy for individual files, then using a custom sync policy with a rating, label, or keyword on the folder will be needed.

  Note:   If lowering the resolution of synced photos, any photos already synced to the device will remain cached locally until you clear the cache.

Adjusting Policies from the Sync Panel

Adjusting Policies from the Sync Panel

With access to the Sync Panel, Mylio allows you to alter the Sync Policy of any folder for any device on your account (local or remote).

  • Select the folder that you wish to alter the Sync Policy for.
  • Open the Sync section of the Details panel.
  • With your selection made and outlined in blue, select the device that you would like to adjust the Sync Policy for by clicking on its name in the Sync Panel.
  • Mylio will open the Adjust Sync Policy window allowing you to set that folder’s Sync Policy to Thumbnail, Preview, or Original.
  • Toggle the Custom option to apply a Custom Sync Policy for the selected folder on that device.

Understanding the Sync Panel

The Sync Panel gives you access to a wealth of information about your library, so learning how to use it is key. Here is an overview of the different parts of the Sync Panel.


1. Sync Panel Icon – To view the Sync panel, click on the sync icon in the top right corner of the Details panel.

2. Your Selection or Library – Toggle between the Sync Panel showing information specifically regarding the full library or regarding a specific selection.

3. Selected Folder – What folder is selected. The Sync panel will display information specifically about the folder listed here.

4. Sync Panel View Settings – Adjust between viewing only online Mylio Devices or all Mylio Devices. You can also toggle on Compact View and Advanced Selection mode.

5. Protection Status Bar – The Protection bar reflects the protection status of your selection. Green = protected, yellow = at risk.

6. Device List – Toggle this open or closed to view your list of Mylio devices.

7. Device Icon – The device icon can tell you quickly if you are on a mobile device or computer. You can also click this icon to bring up individual Device Settings.

8. Device Name – The individual name for a device in Mylio. You can click on it at any time to bring up Sync settings for this specific device.

9. Thumbnail Status – A small version of your photo (20 to 30kb) that is great for referencing your full library. Ideal for mobile devices. Does not allow editing. The bar changes in color based on the status of Thumbnails on your device. Green means that there are Thumbnails on that device, yellow means that the device wants them but doesn’t have them, and gray means that it doesn’t want them and it doesn’t have them.

10. Preview Status – Medium quality (approximately 1mb) that gives an accurate representation of your photos at a fraction of the space. Perfect for laptops or tablets. Fully editable. Green means that there are Previews on that device, yellow means that the device wants them but doesn’t have them (can also include XMPs waiting to sync), and gray means that it doesn’t want them and it doesn’t have them.

11. Original Status – Your full quality file (original file size). Great for desktops or high-capacity laptops. RAW Compatible. Fully editable. Green means that there are Originals on that device, yellow means that the device wants them but doesn’t have them, and gray means that it doesn’t want them and it doesn’t have them.

12. Cached Image – A squiggly line means that this device has the image but does not want it, or the image is cached. The cache can be cleared by following these steps.

13. Connection Status – Shows the connection status and speed for the specific device.

14. Not Connected – Indicates that the device is not online and not actively syncing.

15. Synced Protection Device – The green shield represents that a device wants originals and is done syncing.

16. Syncing Status Icon  – This icon represents that this device is syncing.

17. Number of Media to Sync – This represents how many files need to sync of that quality type.

18. Offline Protection Device – The grey shield represents a device that wants Originals and is not currently syncing.

19. Offline Preview Device – The grey circle represents a device that does not want Originals and is not currently syncing.

20. Activity section – Lists any activity and pending tasks that Mylio has queued up.

Download Originals or Previews manually

You can also request Mylio to download a Preview and/or Original from a connected device that has them. This can be a useful tool if you need a photo for export or editing but do not want to change any sync policies.

  1. Select up to 100 images (individually or in folders) and right-click to bring up the Actions menu. On mobile, you can bring up the Actions menu in the bottom right (three horizontal dots).
  2. At the bottom of the Actions menu, select Download: Originals or Previews. This option will not appear if a device is not connected that actually has the Preview and/or Original.
  3. Mylio will then sync over the requested files and store them as cached images until the cache is cleared as long as the device has enough free space. This does not change the sync policy for the Folder or device that the photo is being synced to. You can see that the folder pictured below has the Originals downloaded but the sync policy is still set to Preview.




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