Changing Export and Sharing Settings on Mobile Devices

Mylio for iOS and Android devices allows you to easily change your export and sharing options, giving you the ability to edit different aspects of your images before sending them to friends, family, or other apps. These settings are also the same on tablets.

Changing Export and Share Options

  1. Open Mylio and select Settings from the View menu.
  2. Select Export & Sharing
  3. Mylio will display the Export and Sharing options, including:
      1. File Type – creates a copy of the image with the following filetypes
        • JPEG
        • PNG
        • TIFF
        • Unmodified Original (great for exporting RAW files, this will ignore edits and grey out the other settings below)
      2. Resolution – What resolution of the image you would like to be exported. This determines how large the exported image is in dimension.
      3. Quality – What quality of image you would like to be exported. This determines how much compression is used when exporting. Lower quality adds more compression and reduces file size.
      4. Metadata – Select which pieces of information you would like to be exported with your images.
      5. Watermark – Allows a watermark to be applied to your export. More information here.

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