Exporting Slideshows as Videos on a Computer

Creating slideshows is a fun and captivating way to share your recent photo trips, events, or that latest vacation to family and friends. With Mylio, you can export your slideshow as a video. Sharing your memories is now easier than ever.

  Note:  exporting a slideshow as a video can only be done with Original photos. A photo’s Sync Policy can be adjusted by following these steps.
  Note:  exporting a slideshow is not available on tablets or phones at this time.
  1. Create an album and sort your photos in the order in which they will be ordered in your video.
  2. Select the album or all of the photos within the album.
  3. Select the Share icon from the Quick Actions Bar and select Export as Video.
  4. The Export as Video menu will appear. This menu allows you to:
  • Resolution – The resolution of the video file. The higher the resolution the better the quality, but also the larger the video.
  • Sort by: Name, Date, Rating – Sort the export order of your photos.
  • Overlays – Add the Date, Title, Copyright, or Caption information to the slideshow.
  • Attach a music file – Attach an audio file to the music, allowing for music and video to play together.
  • Toggle on to use music duration – Match the slideshow length to the length of the songs.
  • Adjust photo duration per second – Allow each photo to be on screen for X amount of seconds.
  • Select Transitions – Select the transition that appears between slides.
  1. Select Export and select your export destination.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Mylio will automatically save your slideshow as a video, allowing you to share it easily with friends and family.


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