Troubleshooting: Mac Laptop Continues to Run When Mylio Is Running and Lid Is Closed

In some instances, users with Mac laptops may notice that their computer continues to operate and not sleep as expected when Mylio (or any application that accesses a wireless network) is running and the lid is closed. This is due to a macOS setting that prevents the computer from sleeping properly when an application is utilizing a network connection.

There are two recommended ways of fixing this issue:

  1. When closing your laptop, ensure that you have quit out of the Mylio application.
  2. Disable the setting that prevents the Mac from sleeping properly when the lid is closed. This can be done by following these steps…
    1. Select the Apple menu in the top left corner of your computer.
    2. Select System Preferences.
    3. Select Battery to open the energy saver preferences.
    4. Select Battery from the left side of the next window and uncheck the “Wake for network access” option within this preference pane.
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