Error message: “Storage available to Mylio is almost full” on mobile device

Mylio never wants to compromise your mobile experience, so we ask it to never take that last bit of precious storage on your mobile device.

By default, Mylio will not use the last 1GB of free space associated with your device. This is to ensure that your phone or tablet continues to run smoothly.

If you would like to allow Mylio to use all of the available storage, you can do so by:

  1. Open Mylio on the device you would like to change the available storage on.
  2. Select your device from the Dashboard’s Devices section to open the Device Settings.
  3. Select Device Storage near the bottom of the Device Settings.
  4. If the “Auto Manage” toggle is on, turn it off.
  5. Adjust Minimum Free Space slider to the left down to 1GB.
      Note:  You can only this setting for the device you are currently using and it is not possible to set Mylio’s Minimum Free Space to less than 1GB.


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