Troubleshooting: Understanding Mylio’s Support Options

Mylio’s Support Options will help you troubleshoot Mylio in the event that something is not working as expected. The Support Options can be opened in multiple ways:

  1. Support Options will automatically open if Mylio detects an issue with your Mylio Library.
  2. Support Options can be opened by holding the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) when opening the Mylio application.
  3. Support Options can be opened by selecting “Show Support Options on Startup” in Mylio’s Help menu on any device type.
  4. Support Options can be opened by tap and holding the Mylio icon on iOS (iPhone 6s and newer).
  5. Support Options can be opened by tap and holding on the Mylio icon on Android (limited to specific phones/operating systems).

Once open, the Support Options give you a variety of different ways to troubleshoot Mylio:

  1. Contact Support – send a message directly to the Mylio Support Team.
  2. Open in safe mode – open Mylio with many functions (like syncing and scanning for new files) turned off. In most cases, this will give you access to your photos when something may be causing Mylio not to open or operate unexpectedly.
  3. Repair a catalog –  in most cases, Mylio will alert you if your catalog needs to be repaired. If not, you can choose to have Mylio scan your catalog and repair it even if not prompted.
  4. Factory Reset Mylio – restore Mylio on this device to how it was before you signed in. This will remove all parts of Mylio from your device and allow you to start over. Please see here for more information.
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