Mylio Sync Settings

Accessing Sync Settings from Mylio’s Settings
Mylio’s Sync settings menu allows you to view and manage all of your current Sync settings for your device. Sync settings can be accessed from two locations:

  1. Select the View menu (three vertical dots in the top-right).
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Sync

Available Options:

  • Sync – Sync allows you to synchronize your photos across your Mylio devices.
  • Sync on Demand  – Sync Previews of files to devices that want Thumbnails (Auto-Optimized devices too) if a device that has Previews is online.
  • Sync with Cloud Services – Allow syncing to all cloud services on the account like Google and Amazon.
  • Device Sync Policy Settings – opens options to set a Custom Sync Policy for your device.
  • Hotspot– Create a network to sync devices when no internet is available.
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