Tips for Getting the Most Out of Mylio

Peek Inside with Flutter

Flutter allows you to quickly see the contents of any folder or album by simply swiping your finger over the container from right to left on touchscreen devices, two-finger swiping from right to left on trackpads, or use your traditional mouse’s scroll wheel while holding the Shift key. Flutter saves you time when looking for a specific photo or subfolder – you don’t even need to click. Learn more…

Organize with Mylio Clipboard

Moving your files between folders and albums – or folders to folders has never been easier. Mylio makes organization simple by giving you a temporary holding location for your photos while you move them around. Simply select your files and drag them down to the Mylio Clipboard to store them while you find the perfect new home for your memories… Learn more…

Editing Made Easy

We all love to save time, right? Mylio can help by showing you a list of all of your favorite editing presets right from the Edit panel, even in a grid view. Just select an image or series of images, open the Edit panel, and click a preset to see how it looks on all of the selected photos. You can revert the changes with the Reset All Edits button, too. Now that is easy. Learn more…

Customize your Dashboard

Clicking into the Dashboard reveals more information about your Mylio library. Selecting the gear in the top right will allow you to toggle lists and panels that suit your needs.

Prevent Unwanted Changes

With Mylio’s Guest Mode you can hand over your device to friends and family without worrying about unwanted changes to your Mylio Library. Guest Mode prevents your photos from being moved, altered, or deleted while still allowing your device to access all of your media. Learn more…

Remember It All

Creating events is an easy way to keep track of your memories and you can easily create them directly from Calendar view. Simply locate a day, month, or year where something memorable happened and click the plus sign in the top right of any photo to create an event from it. You can customize the category, time frame, and description of your event all without leaving the calendar view. Now you can always find that special moment. Learn more…

Help in 3 Clicks

Don’t spend time feeling confused or alone. The Mylio Support Team can be contacted directly within the Mylio application from within the Help menu in the settings. Simply select Contact Mylio Support to let them know how they can assist you and you’ll hear back from our support superheroes as soon as they fasten their capes. Learn more…

Customizing Calendar View

Customizing your calendar is an important step in ensuring that all of your photos are easily locatable. Mylio offers extensive customization of the calendar from a variety of menus.

View Menu Customization

View Menu Customization

Mylio allows for customization in Decade view, Year view, and Day view. There are no View customizations in Month view.

  1. Sort Ascending – Sorts your photos with the newest date at the bottom.
  2. Sort Descending – Sorts your photos with the newest date at the top.
  3. Start Slideshow – Starts a slideshow with the photos currently being viewed.

Calendar View Customization

Calendar View Customizations

Mylio also allows for general customization of your Life Calendar™. Here is how:

  1. Open Mylio and select Settings from the View menu.
  2. Select Calendar
  3. Options include…
    1. Feature Photo Ranking – here you can see, and change, the heuristics of how Mylio decides what photos should be featured at covers of your Life Calendar™.
    2. Number of event bars to display – how many events should be shown on the cover of your image
    3. Hide events longer than – if an event is above a specified threshold, it won’t be shown on the calendar. This is customizable for Decade, Year, and Month view.

Categories Customizations

Categories Customizations

Mylio allows you to easily customize your categories to different colors, names, or order. You can use the Filterbar while in Calendar view to show/hide any events of specific categories too.

  1. Select Settings from the View menu.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Categories begin editing your Event Categories
    • Make new Categories using the Add New button
    • Remove any unwanted ones using the “X” to the right
    • Use the handles on the left to prioritize the order of categories
    • Click on the text of existing category names to edit them.

Creating, Editing, and Viewing Events

Events in Mylio are based on a designated date or range of dates. By creating an event, you are telling Mylio that all photos from the specific date(s) can be grouped together. Creating an event does not alter or move your photos from their original location, albums, or folder views in any way. Creating an event also does not duplicate your photos, taking up any additional space.

This article will cover creating, editing, and viewing events in Calendar view.

Creating Events from Calendar View

Creating Events Automatically

Mylio can automatically create events by linking your digital calendars. To easily create events in Mylio, please see this article.

Creating Events Manually

  1. Open Calendar view by selecting Calendar in the view selector.
  2. Locate and select the day, month, or year you wish to add an event to. It should be highlighted in blue.
  3. Open the Info section of the Details panel.
  4. Select the plus sign in the Info section of the Details panel, next to “EVENTS” to begin creating a new event.
  5. The event creation dialog box will open. Here you can add:
    • Cover photo – set the cover photo for this event by clicking the pencil in the top left
    • From / To the date (or range of dates) that this event took place.
    • Title the name of your event as displayed in the calendar.
    • Description a description of the event.
    • Categories  which category this event belongs to for easier filtering.
    • Priority – have the cover of this folder display as the event cover over other events of the same Year, Month, or Day in Calendar view. Life events are the highest priority, even over Events of the year.
    • Autoplay slideshow – Selecting the event from the Calendar will automatically start a slideshow of the event.
    • Scoped by Date or Folder – chose for your event to populate photos from the date(s) above or select a folder to use photos from
  6. Select Save to save and create the event.
  7. Mylio will display the bar for your event across your date range, displaying the event name, length, and category.

Creating Events from Folder View

Creating Events from Folder View

Quickly populate your Life Calendar™ by using the “Show Folder as Calendar Event” toggle on a selected folder to automatically create an Event in your calendar containing that folder’s images.

Under the toggle you can add:

  1. Event Name – the name of your event to be displayed.
  2. Description – a description of the event.
  3. Priority – have the cover of this folder display as the event cover over other events of the same Year, Month, or Day in Calendar view. Life events are the highest priority, even over Events of the year.
  4. Autoplay slideshow – Selecting the event from the Calendar will automatically start a slideshow of the event.
Using Event Filter

To filter what appears in the Event:

  1. Toggle on “Show Folder as Calendar Event”.
  2. Scroll down to the “Event Filter” section in the Info panel.
  3. Click the plus (+) button to the right.
  4. Use the available types of metadata to filter what photos are shown. The example above shows a filter to only show 4 and 5-star rated images in the event.
  5. Navigate to Calendar view and verify the event creation and/or filter. If no filter is applied then all files from the folder will be shown in the event.

Editing Events

Once an event has been created, you can edit its details at any time. Here is how:

Editing Events from Calendar View

  1. Select Calendar from the View selector to open Calendar view.
  2. Open the Info section of the Details panel.
  3. Select the day, month, or year that contains the event that you wish to edit.
  4. Mylio will display all events for the selected date range in the Info section of the Details panel. Select the event you wish to edit.
  5. Select Edit Event from the dialog.
  6. Within the Event dialog, you can edit the event’s title, categories, priority relevant dates, and description.
  7. Events can additionally be scoped by a specific Date(s) or a Folder. Please know that events scoped by a Folder must have their categories edited in Folder view.

Viewing Events

Viewing the events that you have created is easy in Calendar view.

Viewing Events from Calendar View

  1. Select Calendar from the View Selector to open the calendar.
  2. Locate the date that contains the event you wish to view.
  3. Select the bar containing your event’s name to go to that event.

You can also see a list of all events that happen within the specific selected day, month, or year by:

  1. Select Calendar from the View selector.
  2. Open the Info section of the Details panel.
  3. Select the day, month, or year you wish to display all events for.
  4. Events will be listed within the Info section of the Details panel. Selecting this displays four options:
    1. See Photos and Files in this Event – displays all media for this selected event.
    2. Play Slideshow – Plays a slideshow containing all media in the event.
    3. Edit Event – Edit the parameters of the selected event (as seen above).
    4. Delete – deletes the event from the calendar but does not delete any media that was in the event
    5. Priority –have the cover of this folder display as the event cover over other events of the same Year, Month, or Day in Calendar view. Life events are the highest priority, even over Events of the year.

Guest Mode

  Note:  This feature is  NOT available if your Mylio account is created using a third party single sign-on login (Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft).

Guest Mode is an option that allows you to put a device with Mylio installed in a view only mode, allowing others to look through your photos while preventing them from editing, moving, or deleting photos. 

Options Disabled While in Guest Mode

  • Move, delete, rename, and show files in Finder/Explorer
  • Edit photos
  • Import and Export photos
  • Access the Settings menu

Optional Guest Mode Features

In some cases, you may wish for users in Guest Mode to have limited features. Mylio allows for a combination of features to be used to optimize Guest Mode…

  • Guest Mode – Full lockdown. Images and library cannot be changed or shared.
  • Allow Sharing – Allow for images to be shared.
  • Allow Rating – Allow for images to be rated.

Enabling Guest Mode

  1. Navigate to Mylio’s settings by selecting Settings in the View menu.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Toggle Guest Mode on.

  4. Create your 4 digit pin. This is used for turning Guest Mode off. If you forget your pin, you can reset it with your Mylio account password.


Disabling Guest Mode

  1. Navigate to Mylio’s settings by selecting Settings in the View menu.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Toggle Guest Mode off.
  4. Type in your PIN to disable Guest Mode. If you have forgotten your PIN, select Reset to disable Guest Mode with your Mylio password.


The Mylio Clipboard

The Mylio Clipboard allows you to quickly and easily store photos temporarily for moving between folders, albums, or other views.

Opening the Mylio Clipboard is easy – simply select the Show Mylio Clipboard icon at the bottom of the Quick Actions Bar, or begin to drag a photo down to the bottom of Mylio and The Mylio Clipboard will open automatically.

The Mylio Clipboard is not permanent storage and should only be used to move photos between locations.

For instance, if you want to browse your library and select your favorite photos for an album, the Mylio Clipboard makes that easy. Just drag a set of photos into Mylio Clipboard from Folder view or All Photos view and then drag them out into an already created album.

You can even use the Mylio Clipboard to move entire folders into other folders, or folders from one folder to another folder!

The Mylio Clipboard is a great tool for organizing your photos and can easily be utilized to move photos between folders and albums in your library.

Understanding Life Calendar™

Mylio’s Life Calendar™ is a unique view that displays your photos on a calendar in combination with events from your life. Events can be populated a number of ways, either manually in Mylio or from being imported directly from your digital calendars. . With a populated Life Calendar™, you get more than you would with Mylio’s stock Calendar view – which simply displays your photos in chronological order.

Mylio’s Calendar view, by default, will display all of your photos based on their Date Taken metadata. This is a great way to browse through your images to find the perfect moment. However, Calendar view in conjunction with events makes locating the right photo easier than ever.

When using calendar view after you have created or imported events, Mylio displays a colored bar across the bottom of the date, showing that something important has happened in that date range. Mylio will use the rankings of your photos to create a cover that makes the event easily locatable on the calendar.


Events can also be put into categories. Each category has a different color and each event bar in your calendar will correspond to that color, making it even easier to find specific images you may be looking for.

By opening up the calendar further into month view, you can view a more detailed look at the month’s events bars and when they occurred.


Utilizing Calendar view with events makes an easily navigable Life Calendar™ that is a great way to keep your photos organized. Life Calendar™ offers an additional view and create customizations that make the creation of events, categories, and cover artwork truly one of a kind.