Error Message: “Too many folders”

In some cases, Mylio may stop syncing if an unexpected number of folders are in the Mylio Library or there are a very high number of root folders. Generally, this happens when a folder that is not designed to be imported into Mylio is imported, such as a Lightroom Catalog. You may receive two different error messages depending on the situation.

  • Too many folders. Please reduce the number of folders. 
    • You have reached Mylio’s maximum level of folders. Mylio’s folder limit is 131,072 folders. Please keep Mylio below this threshold by deleting folders.
      • Check for Lightroom catalog, iPhoto/Aperture/Photos catalogs, and other unexpected imports.
  • Too many source folders – sync may be disabled.
    • You have reached Mylio’s maximum top level (root) folders. Mylio’s root folder limit is 200. Please keep Mylio below this threshold by removing Source folders from Mylio’s Settings > Source Folders.
        Note:  removing Source Folders will remove the images within that folder from Mylio



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