Troubleshooting: Unable to Sync Photos Between Devices

Mylio will transfer photos and edits between your devices whether you’re syncing just Thumbnails, Previews, or Originals. If your devices are not receiving or sending photos and edits to your other devices, follow the steps below and you should be syncing in no time!

Are the Devices Seeing Each Other?

The first step in getting your devices to sync is to make sure they can see each other on the local network.

To do this, open the Dashboard view.

  • Devices that are visible to each other will have white icons and “In Sync” “Sending”, or “Receiving” icons underneath them.
  • Devices that cannot see each other will have gray icons and an “Offline” icon underneath them.

No, Devices Do Not See Each Other

Mylio will not sync to devices that are not visible to each other in the Dashboard. Be sure you are meeting Mylio’s three basic syncing criteria:

  1. Devices are all on the same Mylio Account. You can check this from Mylio’s Settings > Account.
  2. Devices are all connected to the internet or on the same wi-fi or local network. For NAS or external drive devices, they should be directly connected with as few adapters or hubs as necessary.
  3. Devices all have the latest version of Mylio open and running. On mobile devices, Mylio must be in the foreground.

Additional Troubleshooting

  • If you’re on Windows, ensure that Mylio is allowed through the Windows Firewall on both public and private networks:
    • Navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall, then select “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” on the left.
    • Locate Mylio in the list of applications and ensure both the PRIVATE and PUBLIC columns are checked.
      • If these settings need to be adjusted, select Change Settings at the top right of this window, then OK at the bottom to confirm the change.

Yes, Devices See Each Other

If all of your devices are listed in the Dashboard as online but photos are not syncing between them, there are a few troubleshooting steps to go through:

  • To rule out the possibility that the network your devices are connected to is causing the issue, try an ad-hoc network to establish a direct connection between devices. Click here for instructions.
  • Check that your subscription is current. Your photos will stop syncing if your account is no longer valid. To verify your subscription status, click here and sign in.
  • Check to make sure there is not stuck activity at the bottom Notifications and Activity center, such as “Stuck Moving Files or Folders on Disk”. If there is, follow these steps.

Are There Still Photos Waiting to Sync?

You may have a few devices online and still not have a fully synced Mylio library. This will be indicated by gray or green icons under devices in the Dashboard. Since Mylio watches photos on many devices, it can be challenging to remember what devices may have added an original that is waiting to sync. To determine what device, or devices, need to be synced:

  1. Open Mylio.
  2. Select the Dashboard.
  3. Select a device that has the Down arrow under it.
  4. Select ‘Show files waiting to Sync’.
  5. Mylio will display all of the images that still need to sync. Select them all by using the Action menu.
  6. The Sync panel will now show you where the Originals are for the selected photos, you can look for the green bar under Originals to see who currently has that photo.
  7. Make sure the device that is storing the originals is currently online. If not, open Mylio on that device and give it some time to sync the photos.

In the example below, there is one media waiting to sync from the MacBook Pro (the green up arrow indicates 1 image waiting to send) to the external drive. The external drive is not online, hence the gray outline and down arrow. Once the external drive is online, Mylio should be able to sync the final image.

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