“Two versions of Mylio Installed”

If a computer has two versions of Mylio installed, one older than the other, you may be greeted with a message saying “Two versions of Mylio Installed”. If you click the “Ok” button in this notification Mylio will assist you with uninstalling this application from your computer as it is no longer necessary.

  •  A UAC (user account control) prompt will appear from Windows asking you to allow Mylio access to make changes. Select Yes.
  • If you select No, Mylio will remind you to uninstall the older version of the application again the next time it is opened.

If you try to open the older version of Mylio you may be prompted with a message that the computer’s Mylio catalog belongs to a newer version of the application and that the newer version needs to be opened to read the catalog.

If you have shortcuts on your desktop, taskbar, or other locations that are pointing to the old version still. You may need to delete them and re-create them by opening the Start Menu, searching for Mylio, and creating new pins or shortcuts from the newest installation after uninstalling the older one.

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