Upgrading your library to Mylio 3.4 Facial Recognition


When upgrading to version 3.4 or later from version 3.3 or earlier, Mylio needs to rescan all faces in the catalog. This is due to a new facial recognition software to enhance Mylio’s abilities to match and recognize people in your library. This can take a second or so per image meaning the larger your library, the longer this may take to complete.

Some things to note while this upgrade is ongoing:

  • Multiple devices can work in concert to complete the upgrade more quickly. Opening an updated version of Mylio on other devices and allowing them to sync with each other can assist this process in finishing faster.
  • Only faces in the upgraded library are visible in batch tagging. Until the upgrade is complete, suggestions may be reduced in this feature and in suggestions for auto-face tagging.
  • The upgrade progress can be seen in the progress dialog by selecting the Activity iconĀ in the top right.
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