How to Use Brushes

Brushes in Mylio allow for flexibility in editing specific parts of a photo while not affecting other parts. You can create effects, fix parts of a photo, or just touch up a photo using brushes.

Brushes Interface

The first step to using brushes is to understand the interface and where brushes can be found within Mylio. Brushes can be opened by selecting the brushes icon within the Edit section of the Details panel. From there, the interface looks like the screenshot below:


The Brush

With brushes open, you will see a brush overlay on your image. The brush is two circles, an outer-circle and an inner-circle.


The inner-circle is the brush itself. Any change made to the image within the inner-circle will have 100% of the edit applied to it. The space between the inner-circle and outer-circle is the feather. The feather is a slow fade out of the applied edit. This area will have a 99%-1% application opacity, with the edge of the outer circle only getting 1% of the applied change.

The radius of the brush can easily be adjusted using the ‘Radius’ control at the bottom of the Mylio. This allows for the size of the brush to be adjusted, which is valuable if you need to do a small detail or a large section of an image.

The feather of the brush, however, cannot be adjusted in either size or roll off.

Anchors and Layers

Brushes in Mylio operate on layers. This allows you to have multiple changes applied to the same photo. For instance, the photo below has two layers applied. Each layer has its own anchor.

Each layer allows for individual adjustments. You can set “Layer and Anchor 1” to have certain attributes while “Layer and Anchor 2” have completely separate attributes. In the above example, layer 1 is set to ‘Saturation: 0’ to cause the ocean and ground to be black and white. Layer 2, however, increases the vibrancy and saturation on the viewfinder to make it pop.

Creating a new anchor and layer can be done by simply selecting New at the bottom of Mylio.

Changing Edits on a Layer

If at any time you want to change the edits you have made on a specific layer, or add to that layer, you can. This can be done by simply selecting the anchor you would like to edit or add to.

By hovering over the anchors, Mylio will display the brush overlay for that specific anchor. In the example below, the anchor that is selected (in blue) is applying an edit to the background. Continuing to use the brush tool now will add to the selection so the same edit will affect the background and the newly added area.

Brush overlays

In some instances, it may be valuable to always see your brush overlays. This can be helpful when navigating between many small edits that may have many layers. Brush layers can be toggled at any time from the Brushes Settings at the bottom of the Mylio.

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