What’s New in Mylio?

Introducing Mylio 3.12, the October special. This month, we added keyboard shortcuts for iPadOS and iOS, a new “SHOW ALL” option for each media type in search results, a full-screen control option when playing Inline Video on desktops, and updates to our sign-in screen and promo code redemption messaging so those steps are easier to understand. 


As always, we’ve also been busy bashing bugs (and practicing alliteration) to make the Mylio experience that much better. Some of the many improvements include fixing an issue when a user would get logged out after resetting password and could not easily get signed back in, fixing an issue when applied categories to individual media would not sync to other devices, fixing an issue that would prevent folder covers from updating as thumbnails became synced to a new device, and fixing an issue that would cause Thumbnails and/or Previews to not regenerate properly after edits are made outside of Mylio.


See the full list in the link below, and as always, enjoy your photos!


Extended Details

  • Version 3.12
  • Updated November 3rd, 2020
  • Mac Build: 7094
  • Windows Build: 7094
  • Android Build: 7094
  • iOS Build: 7094


  • Version 3.12
  • Updated October 15th, 2020
  • Mac Build: 7092
  • Windows Build: 7092
  • Android Build: 7092
  • iOS Build: 7092


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