What’s New in Mylio?




Mylio has gone global! We’re translated into both Spanish and French, with more languages to come soon. You can adjust your preferred language in Mylio’s appearance settings.

We’ve Upgraded to Notifications: Instead of banners, Mylio’s new notification and activity center keeps your alerts and progress out of the way so you can continue to enjoy your media without disruption. You choose when you want to open the Notifications and Activity Center to see what Mylio is working on and any issues you should be aware of.

Folder Events: Quickly populate your Life Calendar™ by using the “Show Folder as Calendar Event” button. This automatically creates an Event in your calendar containing images from that folder. You can even save filters to display only the images from a folder that you want in the event!

Easier Sync Controls: Control what images are on what devices using Mylio’s new Sync Policy Settings. Tap to Sync allows you to easily change the quality of folders, while the Sync Panel gives you full control of all of your devices. Not looking for too many options? We have you covered with an improved auto-optimization process and Simple Custom options as well. Check out these changes by opening the Device settings from the Dashboard or Sync Panel (if enabled).

There’s more to discover with Mylio 3.5! For a full list of changes, please see our change log.


Extended Details

  • Version: 3.5
  • Release Date: September 16th, 2019
  • Mac Build: 5814
  • Windows Build: 5814
  • iOS Build: 5814
  • Android Build: 5812


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