What’s New in Mylio?

Mylio 3.18 adds some enhancements to the Filter bar and  Sync panel. You can now filter your view based on images in specified folders. Like applying any other kind of filter, this useful feature can be used to modify the view anywhere in Mylio. 

The Sync panel has some more subtle changes in 3.18 including showing media waiting to sync. Any files waiting to sync (identified as Orange in the panel) can now include Previews as well as XMP files waiting to be synced to that device.

For a complete list of all app improvements and changes please see our Change Log linked below.


Extended Details

  • Version 3.18
  • Updated October 27th, 2021
  • Mac Build: 7383
  • Windows Build: 7383
  • iOS Build: 7383
  • Android Build: 7382


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