What’s New in Mylio?

With Mylio 3.16 we have some very important changes to share. Kicking off some new branding with the updated Mylio app icon and logo. We also are updating the limits for Free and Create plans. This is the first major change to our plans since we reduced the price of our unlimited plan by 60% in 2019 (eliminating our $250/year Max plan).

Any new accounts created after the release of Mylio version 3.16 come with the following limits:


  • Currently available only with qualifying purchase of a Seagate hard drive
  • Up to 25,000 photos, videos, and files
  • Up to 4 devices*
  • Access to all advanced features†
  • Subscription: $4.99/month or $49.99/year

New Free users:

  • Up to 5,000 photos, videos, and files
  • Up to 3 devices*
  • No subscription required.

All plans, including Free, will have the ability to edit RAW file formats.

* Devices counting toward plan limits include computers, phones, and tablets that run the Mylio app and have been added to your account. External storage including USB hard drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and cloud services do NOT count toward your device limit.

† Advanced features are in the works and will be released soon after 3.16, starting with our powerful new deduplication tool.

So how does this change affect existing users?

To smooth this transition, here is how we will manage accounts created before the 3.16 Mylio update.

Existing Premium Subscribers will see no change. Continue to enjoy Mylio Premium (unlimited media and devices) at your current pricing.

Existing Create Subscribers will also see no change. Continue to enjoy Mylio Create at your current plan limits and pricing. If you are in the Create trial period, you will continue to have access to your current complementary period. You can also choose to keep Mylio Create with the same limits and at the original price you were offered

Existing Free users have already been emailed with the option to choose either:

1) Take no action and get one free year of our new Mylio Create plan. This allows you to maintain your current limit of 25,000 media and increase your device limit from 3 to 4. This will also allow access to all advanced features as they become available in the next year. You will also have the ability to continue your Create plan when the free period ends at the normal subscription rate mentioned above.


2) Upgrade to Mylio Premium now and get a $50 credit.


We’ve also included some nice quality of life improvements in 3.16 focused around our interface as well as a handful of bug fixes that may have been affecting some users.


Extended Details

  • Version 3.16
  • Updated June 24th, 2021
  • Mac Build: 7335 
  • Windows Build: 7335
  • iOS Build: 7335
  • Android Build: 7335


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