Adjusting White Balance

White balance is defined as the “true white” for a photo. It helps a camera predict what all other colors will be within an image. If an image’s white balance is off, the image may appear too cool or too warm. If the image is cool, it will have a bluish tint to it. Too warm and it can appear yellow. Neither of these are ideal situations for your photo. You may need to cool or warm the photo up manually, using the White Balance tool.

  1. Select an image and navigate to the Edit section within the Details panel.
  2. Locate the White Balance section of your editing tools. If closed, open the section by clicking the disclosure arrow next to White Balance.
  3. There are two sliders that will appear once you open white balance: Temp and Tint.


Unlike the other editing sliders, the temperature will be preset to a large number. This is because it relates to actual temperature.

  • If your image is too blue, slide the slider to the right. You will notice the blue disperse and the yellow increase.
  • If your image is too yellow, slide the slider to the left. You will notice the yellow disperse and the blue increase.


Use the Tint feature to add more or less green to your image.

  • To increase the green in your image, slide the tint slider to the left.
  • To decrease the green in your image, slide the tint slider to the right.
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