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Michael Pastore

Michael moved to Seattle in 2015 after growing up in the Chicago suburbs. He looks to provide support using a background in customer service and graphic design. Keeping things simple, clean, and easy to follow is Michael’s guiding light for all jobs. He uses Mylio to organize photos and videos shot on his iPhone and GoPro and sync across Mac, Windows, and iOS. Outside of work Michael can be found at his CrossFit box, Seattle Sounders matches, or enjoying outdoor activities with his dog Jackson.

Matthew Bonhage

Matthew transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in the Fall of 2013 from Philadelphia, where he was born and raised. He spent most of his time on the playground, but one day a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in the neighborhood. Matthew decided he needed to venture elsewhere and learned about the 7 Wonders of the Digital World, where his journey took him to see sages and monks that imbued upon him technical knowledge and customer service. While not saving the world from the terrors of Stuff Not Working, Matthew spends his time hiking, camping, biking and acting like a tourist in his own city. He also specializes in Cast Iron cooking.