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Troubleshooting: Unprotected Images
Troubleshooting: Unprotected Images
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Unprotected Images in Mylio Photos refer to any media not backed up to a Vault device. If you have more than one Vault device or have applied a custom device sync policy, media will be considered unprotected until it has been synced to all devices that want it.

NOTE: Adding a Vault device requires an active Mylio Photos+ subscription. Users on the free version of Mylio Photos will always have Unprotected Images, indicating that their photos and videos have not been backed up and protected to a Vault device.

Identifying Unprotected Images

  1. Click on the Dashboard icon and select Devices.

  2. Select the device you are currently using.

  3. Click the magnifying glass icon next to Unprotected Files.

  4. Select one or more of the files.

  5. Open the right panel and choose the Sync Panel.

  6. Expand the Devices section of the Sync Panel and locate a device with a green line (solid or squiggly) under Originals. This indicates that the device has an original-quality copy of the selected file(s).

    1. If no devices have a green line, please see the next section on handling Lost Originals.

  7. Locate a device with an orange line under Originals. This indicates that the device wants an original-quality copy of the selected file(s).

  8. Open Mylio Photos on the devices with green and orange lines. Ensure that the devices are connected to the internet or local wifi network. If the device is an external drive, it must be connected to a device running Mylio Photos and powered on.

  9. Mylio Photos will automatically begin syncing the unprotected media. Once the sync is complete, the number of Unprotected Files will be hidden, indicating that all media is backed up and protected.

Handling Lost Originals

If you cannot locate an original-quality copy of a file (e.g., no device has a green line under Original in the Sync Panel), it indicates the original file is missing and unable to be synced and protected by Mylio Photos. The most common reasons for Lost Originals include:

  • The file is missing and needs to be relinked. In some cases, the folder that the file resides in may be Missing. This can happen if the folder was moved outside of Mylio Photos or is on an external drive that is disconnected.

    • Right-click on the missing folder and choose Reconnect to show Mylio Photos the new location of the folder, or,

    • Physically connect the external drive to your computer and power it on.

  • The original was deleted before syncing was complete. This most commonly occurs when a file is deleted directly from a smartphone camera roll before Mylio Photos has finished syncing the file to another device.

    • If the source is a smartphone camera roll, you may be able to recover the image from your camera roll's trash or recycle bin.

    • If the original image cannot be located, but a thumbnail or optimized image exists, you can export a copy of the image at the available resolution and reimport it into your Mylio Photos Library.

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