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Troubleshooting: Missing Folder(s) alert
Troubleshooting: Missing Folder(s) alert
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There are instances where Mylio Photos can lose track of the location of folders. This can be due to folder name changes, drive name changes, or movements in the file system from outside Mylio Photos. When Mylio Photos notices a change like this, it marks the folder as Missing in Folder View.

To reconnect the missing folder...

  1. Find the top-level Folder marked as Missing in Folder View.

    1. These steps do not apply to subfolders of a missing parent folder.

  2. Click the red exclamation point on the folder cover

  3. Choose “Reconnect” from the menu.

  4. Mylio Photos will open a file system window. Find and select the missing folder.

    1. Please be sure to select the correct folder, as Mylio Photos will re-link your existing catalog to the contents of this folder.

After completing those steps, Mylio Photos will scan the folder for any changes and then reconnect it to your Mylio Photos Library. If you are unable to locate the folder on your device, you can alternatively select “Sync from another device” to bring a copy of the folder back from another device on your account. Please note that this alternative option can not be undone. We suggest allowing Mylio Photos to fully re-sync your folder before trying to remove it if this option was selected unintentionally.

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