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Slow performance, high resources, or computer slowdowns
Slow performance, high resources, or computer slowdowns
Updated over a week ago

If Mylio Photos is running slowly or causing other applications on your machine to do so, fully exiting the application and restarting your computer can often help. If the issues persist, take a look at any running activities in the Activities menu.

Mylio Photos may use more computing resources during and shortly after large imports. This can continue during longer syncing sessions as well. Processes during this time may include:

  • Generating Thumbnails and Optimized images for newly imported or synced media

  • Scanning photos for faces for face tagging

  • Scanning photos for text (optical character recognition)

  • Scanning photos for SmartTags

  • Scanning folders on connected external drives (direct or network attached)

If performance is degraded during this time, closing other applications for a short period can allow Mylio Photos to complete these processes faster. If you have any continued concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact support via the in-app Help menu. Just select Help > Contact Mylio Support and provide us with a brief description of the issue you are seeing.

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