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Troubleshooting: Mylio InBox
Troubleshooting: Mylio InBox
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What is the Mylio InBox?

The Mylio InBox is a quick and easy way to add media to your Mylio Photos Library. When the Mylio Photos application is installed, the Mylio InBox folder is automatically created. You can find it in the Mylio Photos Folders view. You’ll also see a shortcut in Windows Explorer or macOS Finder. Drag and drop new media into the Mylio InBox in your file system or save media from other applications to this folder. Mylio Photos continuously scans the Mylio InBox, and when new media is added, it will appear in your Mylio Photos Library.

Can I remove the Mylio InBox folder from my library?

The Mylio InBox is an integral part of Mylio Photos and cannot be removed.

I accidentally deleted the Mylio InBox folder. How do I re-add it?

If you delete the Mylio InBox folder from Mylio Photos' folder view, there are two ways to re-add it:

  1. On a computer: Fully quit the Mylio Photos application, then re-open it. The Mylio InBox folder will automatically be recreated.

  2. On a mobile device: Open a photo in another app (such as your device's camera roll), tap the Share icon, and select Mylio Photos from the share menu. The selected photo will be copied into the Mylio InBox folder in your Mylio Photos library.

How do I remove the Windows Explorer or macOS Finder shortcut?

The Mylio InBox Folder is automatically added as a Windows Explorer and macOS Finder shortcut. If you’d prefer to hide this folder from your operating system favorites, turn off the shortcut in Mylio Photos’ settings.

  1. Click the ellipsis icon in the top app bar to access the More menu and choose Settings.

  2. Click on Advanced, then toggle the switch next to Enable Mylio InBox OS Integration to the OFF position.

I uninstalled Mylio Photos from my Windows computer. How do I delete the Mylio InBox folder?

Download the file linked below, then double-click it to run a script that will fully remove the Mylio InBox via a registry change.

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