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Troubleshooting: New media is not imported on Android
Troubleshooting: New media is not imported on Android
Updated over a week ago

If new photos in your Android Media Library aren't automatically importing into Mylio Photos, please take the following steps:

Re-link the Android Media Library

  1. Open Mylio Photos on your Android device

  2. Open the More Menu (the three dots in the top-right)

  3. Select Settings > Add Media > Add Media Library

If the library was not already linked, your Android Media Library will be imported into a new subfolder within the "Android Photos" folder. Otherwise, you will see a popup that says "Media Library has already been added to Mylio Photos".

Reset Permissions

The necessary permissions may need to be granted and/or reset within the Android device's Settings app. The exact location will vary depending on which Android device and operating system you have, but it will be something similar to:

Settings > Privacy > Permissions


Settings > Apps > Mylio Photos > Permissions

Ensure Mylio Photos has permission to access Files, Photos, Videos, and/or Media.

If Mylio Photos already has the necessary permissions, turn them off, reopen Mylio Photos, then return to your phone's settings and turn the permissions on.

NOTE: We are aware of an issue where Mylio Photos incorrectly requests permission to access Contacts when adding the Android Media Library. Our team is working to resolve this bug in a future update. The Contacts permission is related to the option to link contact information to people in your library.

In the meantime, granting the Contacts permission should result in a successful Android Media Library import.

Grant Access to Additional Folders

To import additional Media Library folders, access to those folders may need to be granted separately.

  1. Open Mylio Photos on your Android Device

  2. Open the More Menu (the three dots in the top right)

  3. Select Settings > Free Up Space on this Device > Customize

  4. Scroll down and select SD Card Access

  5. Grant Mylio Photos access to the folders where your photos are stored

  6. Quit and reopen the Mylio Photos application

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