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Known Issue: OneDrive Showing as Offline
Known Issue: OneDrive Showing as Offline

Microsoft OneDrive added as a cloud service is showing as Offline

Updated over a week ago

If OneDrive is showing as offline on all of your devices, it is possible the authentication token has expired.

You can use the Mylio Console to initiate a reauthorization with OneDrive and get a new access token. Open the More Menu (3 dots in top right corner), then select `Help`, then `Console`. In the Console, run the command:

This will output a list of the devices on your Mylio account and an identification number for each device. Note the Device ID for Onedrive. Then run, the command (replace &&&&& with your OneDrive Device ID):

reauth &&&&&

You will be shown a window asking you to sign in to OneDrive again.

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