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Troubleshooting: Windows Installation Fails
Troubleshooting: Windows Installation Fails
Updated over a week ago

Mylio Photos uses a modern installation method for Windows. The installer is a .msix file instead of a .exe.

In some instances - particularly with older Windows 10 systems - this installer might not work correctly. Please follow the following steps progressively to resolve any such issues:

  1. Run Windows Update on your system and fully restart the device once all updates have completed.

  2. If issues persist, attempt to run the installer as an Administrator by right-clicking the installer file and choosing "Run as Admin"

  3. If the installation continues to not function properly, you can attempt to run it from a command line. Press the Winkey and type in "powershell" to show the Powershell application. Choose the "Run as Administrator" option. Within the Powershell window, run this command:

    Add-AppxPackage -Path "C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads\Mylio_x64.msix"

The filepath for the installer will be different than above depending on where the downloaded installer file is located. What you can do is type or copy/paste the Add-AppxPackage -Path and then can drag and drop the installer file from your File Explorer window onto the Powershell window to fill in the correct filepath.

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