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Error Message - Upgrade No Longer Supported
Error Message - Upgrade No Longer Supported

Error message in the Mylio Photos app that a catalog upgrade failed with the reason Upgrade No Longer Supported.

Updated over a week ago

Mylio Photos upgrades the catalog with each new version that is released. You may see an error message "Upgrade No Longer Supported" after installing a new version of Mylio Photos.

The previous version of Mylio Photos that was installed is too old to be upgraded.

Currently, Mylio Photos can upgrade the catalog from version 3.1 (5254), released April 2018 and newer.

If you were running a version of Mylio Photos older than 3.1 and installed the newest version of Mylio Photos, the next steps are to reset the Mylio Photos configuration and sign in to Mylio Photos to setup as a new device.

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