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Welcome to Mylio’s FAQs! Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions separated by category. Many of these questions are answered more completely in the tutorial and troubleshooting materials found on our support site.

If you are unable to find the answers to your questions in this FAQ, our Community Forum, or other areas of our support site, please email explaining your issue. If necessary, our team can set up a time to have a support agent contact you via phone or remote session. Better yet, your issue may be easily resolved in a few simple steps that we can outline in an email rather than waiting to schedule time with us for a call. Please note: Mylio Support does not have an incoming phone number.

Category: Additional

A list of all supported cameras can be found here. We are always working to support new cameras – if yours is not listed please see this Community Forum topic.

Category: Importing

Mylio is a photo management application that is designed to keep all of your photos on all of your devices without the need for the cloud. Mylio syncs your devices over your local network, so any changes made to one device (new photos, edits, organization) are quickly and securely shown on all of your devices. Mylio helps ensure your photos are protected, organized, and with you all of the time.

More information can be found here… 

Category: Getting Started

Changes to your Mylio account can be made by visiting your account page. Here you can change or view your…

  • Mylio Email
  • Mylio Password
  • Mylio Subscription Level
  • Billing Information
  • Device List
  • Reset Account
  • Delete Account
  • Billing History
  • Additional Account Details

More information on Mylio’s account page can be found here.

Category: Getting Started

Mylio is not fully compatible with iCloud Photo Library at this time but there is a specific configuration for iOS devices to use both iCloud Photo Library and import camera rolls to Mylio. There is no integration with iCloud Drive or iCloud Photo Library to add them as Mylio devices.

More information on using Mylio and iCloud can be found here.

Category: Importing

Mylio is a free application that offers subscription plans for individuals who have many photos, many devices to sync, or are interested in editing RAW file format photos.

Information on Mylio’s plans can be found here.

Category: Getting Started

XMP files are a “sidecar” file that Mylio creates when changes have been made to your photos. Because Mylio is non-destructive, your originals will not be changed. Instead, changes will be recorded to the XMP file and the XMP file changes are applied to your original image.

XMP files are a standard for recording metadata for images and are used by many applications. Changes made in Mylio can be read by most applications that utilizes XMP files.

If you wish to apply metadata to the original (non-raw) image, you can do so with Mylio’s “Save Metadata to File” option.

Category: Editing

Mylio supports a growing number of file types. A full list of currently supported files can be found here.

Category: Importing

Mylio counts traditional computers as devices that count against your device limit. This means that mobile phones and tablets, external hard drives, NAS devices, and cloud storage services do not count against your overall device limit.

Category: Getting Started
Mylio uses a custom raw decoder to make sure your images look the same across all of your devices. In some instances, your images may look slightly different in Mylio than other photo management tools; this is expected and is generally minor. However, Mylio does not offer denoising at this time, which generally accounts for changes that are noticeable. We are investigating offering denoising in future versions.

If you are using Lightroom in conjunction with Mylio you may not see edits made by Lightroom to XMP files. The unedited Original may be displayed in Mylio instead.

Category: Editing
Folders are Mylio’s primary means of organizing your images. Folders in Mylio are representations of the folders on your actual computer, so any change made in Mylio will be reflected in your images and files system. This is valuable as it means your organization changes are not reliant on the Mylio application, the changes you are making are able to be accessed in macOS Finder and/or Windows Explorer.
Albums are Mylio specific organization of your images and only seen in the application. While every image must be in a folder, albums allow you to have a secondary organization. Adding a photo to an album does not duplicate the image, but simply makes a reference to the image in its folder.
Events are another Mylio specific organization of your images in the Calendar view. These are groups of images that were taken in the same set time parameters. Events can be created in the calendar view manually or automatically populated by importing your calendar from the Apple Calendar or Outlook applications.
For example, you have a birthday party every year. Each of these birthdays is in their own folder, called “37th Birthday”, “38th Birthday”, “39th Birthday”, etc. These include all of your images from each of your birthdays. However, for your 40th Birthday, you want to make a collection of all of your favorite images from your past birthdays. You can then create an album called “Birthday Favorites” and choose the best images from the folders to populate the album. Your birthdays are still organized by year, but your album contains choice photos from each folder. Additionally, you can turn the folders from each birthday into events with the flip or a toggle in the Info panel.
More information on Folders can be found here.
More information on Albums can be found here.
Category: Organizing
No. Mylio is not, by default, a cloud solution. Instead, we protect your images between the devices you already own (computers, phones, tablets, external drives, NAS devices) to ensure that your images are safe and totally in your control.

If you wish to utilize the cloud, Mylio works with certain cloud providers to offer cloud protection.

Mylio has many different ways that it can import your images. These include…

Category: Importing

Mylio does not store your information on the web, only on your local devices. This means that your photos are accessible from the Mylio application and not from the web. Mylio’s website does allow you to log in, but this is only to alter your account information.

To download the Mylio application and see your photos, click here.

Category: Getting Started

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